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Felicity, food, and love

A place for deliciousness, a place for happiness - that's what the kitchen is for me. I've always loved cooking, but only in the last few years have i come to appreciate it as a form of therapy, and the kitchen as my solace.  When I'm happy, and want to celebrate life, or when I'm tired and blue, the kitchen is where i go to find my peace again. Sometimes I cook from a recipe, and gather my thoughts while I chop vegetables and blend spices (I tend to cook rather slowly.  Call it lean in...and hour or two), and sometimes I get creative and invent my own dishes.  This is the greatest therapy.  To create something - anything - is a small reminder of the power and magic you have within you. I encourage you to dance in the kitchen - by yourself or with family and friends.  And I promise you, the more you cook, the happier you'll feel.  This is where the inspiration for my blog name came from - Felicity (my name, but also a word commonly used in Jane Austen's

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